Very Patient Dogs

Fifteen thousand years passed since the time when the first gray wolves were tamed, domesticated and turned into dogs by our distant ancestors. It was enough to make the dogs our closest friends. Fifteen thousand years of artificial selection, make dogs obedient and helpful companions.

However, not all the dogs are born equal. Some of them are really mischievous little devils, some of them just born to have fun and take from life everything, but some of them are real stoics. They won’t even flip a treat from the top of their muzzles without masters’ permit.

1. The dog balancing oranges on its muzzle

2. The most obedient dog ever

3. Toys are good for obedience testing too

4. Patience is a virtue of dogs of any sizes

5. Balancing zucchini is simple, it's not that tasty

6. See no cookie, eat no cookie...

7. The dog and the fish

8. A piece of sausage right on the nose

9. Treats balancing brought to the whole new level

10. Stoic dog

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