Weird limos collection

Weird limo: Mini Cooper goes Maxi

Mini goes Maxi.

Weird limo: Ukrainian stretch

Ukrainian stretch.

Weird limo: chevy

How to made a limo from two Chevy’s, nails and pliers.

Weird limo: snow rider stretch

A snow rider limo.

Weird limo: Ferrari Modena

This is not photoshop. This is actual Ferrari Modena pimped up in the UK.

Weird limo: Yugoslavian stretch

Yugoslavian way to stretch.

Weird limo: safary jeep

Such stretched jeeps are used at safary parks in the South Egyptian region of Nubia.

Weird limo: Trabant

Cheap East German Trabant car got stretched to 6-doors limo.

Weird limo on the high heels

47 thoughts on “Weird limos collection”

  1. Sorry, I have no idea. This is very old photo. Made with film camera and poorly scanned (from the magazine page, perhaps).

  2. ehh lmao, teh ‘limo’ of deh looks crap as lmao
    ehh if yhoo had any style knoledge yhoo so would know they r eww. freakishly gross !

  3. hhhhhhhhou! soy de argentina y no creo que antes de morir pueda estar delante de uno de ellos. un gustaso….

  4. omg these are the best limos i have ever seen. my favorite one is defentily the 5th one down. ugh i wish that i had that so bad

  5. die bedrijf is van mijn vader mijn vader verkoopt ze dus als je eentje wil bel dan 064587963

  6. The Truck Limo and the Ferrari Limo! Wow! I never seen anything like it and I’m in the car business!

  7. I like it when Clint sucks my dick….. and my MANGINA!!!!!!

    Also I know what blue balls are, not funny guys! :(

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