Weird logistics

What you got to do if you need to transport something big but all you have is just one usual sedan or hatchback car? Turn on your brain! Like this guy who seems to save big bucks on a trailer for his canoe:

Weird logistics - transporting canoe

These guys are short on house maintenance budget.

Weird logistics
Weird logistics

But what to do if you haven’t rope to fix a big box in your sedan’s trunk? Just ask your friend to hold it for awhile:

Weird logistics

If your good small car has failed after all that experiments you can save some cash on evacuation service:

Weird logistics

And finally two examples of Nigerian logistics – Nigerian long vehicle:

Nigerian long vehicle

Nigerian school bus.. err… school tractor:

Nigerian school bus

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  1. Wow nice pics i wish that schoolbus would explode so that all of the nigerian schoolkids burn

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