Weird parking

Parking: lack of space to park your car

What happed when you have lack of space for parking? Various bad things like on the picture above… or smart things like on the pictures below:

Parking - when you have no spare parking lot

If you have no spare parking lot you have to look for free one somewhere else or just turn on your brain. Free lot isn’t flat enough? So what’s the problem? Not enough spacey in height? But it has a roof!

Parking lot under the roof

Actually, if your vehicle is small enough and you aren’t afraid of the rain you can park not under the roof but at the roof.

Parking on the roof
Roof parking

Another way to solve the parking problem in the big cities is stacked in just one word: “Stack!”

Stackable parking

And don’t forget about parking safety. You can buy a car with special parking computer and cameras all over or you can get the best car insurance that can be acquired in your area… or you can make parking safer with the old mattress.

Safety parking

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