Weirdest canned foods

We are all loving canned foods. Even those who are denying it. It’s convenient, easy to store, mostly affordable and pretty often quite tasty. The huge assortment of the canned meat, fish, veggies and fruits is the greatest proof for the popularity of this part of our collective nutrition. And some of the cans you can find in any store (even that in you own neighborhood) are the real gems any curiosities collector would be proud of.

1. Sweet Sue canned whole chicken

What could be wrong with the chicken? Nothing. But this whole chicken in a can just looks ridiculous. And a bit gross with all this jelly.

2. Ligo Squid in natural ink

The squid in its own ink. What could be weirder? Only the dish it’s being used to prepare: the japanese pasta cooked in squid ink with the pieces of squid flesh and some greens on top.

3. Canned crickets and worms

4. Goblin Meat and Gravy Pudding. It should be branded Troll

5. Canned smoked scorpions from Thailand

Scorpions are one of the most favorite snack in Thailand. There you can find deep fried or smoked scorpions in every town, they are selling them right of the food carts just like candies. And if you’ll ever express a desire to take such delicacy home with you, there will be the choice of convenient packages.

6. Canned silkworm have a lot of uses in Korea

7. Weird canned food could be found everywhere. Here is the canned possum from America

8. This is actually a good one idea from Germany: Canned Cheeseburger

9. Straight from the Texas: canned armadillo meat, smoked rattlesnake and alligator

10. Reindeer Casserole is a delicacy in Scandinavia. Note the price tag. It's almost ten bucks per small one serving can

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