White kiwi bird

The kiwi birds, as it is widely known, are small flightless birds endemic to New Zealand. They are so unusual that they become the most commonly recognizable symbol of the country.

Typical kiwi bird feathers, which are so small that they look more like a fur, are light brown, sometimes grayish. However, in the extremely rare cases the white kiwi birds could hatch. Those aren’t albinos but a very rare genetic mutation causing the white color of the feathers—nothing bad for the bird’s health, just makes the bird to be easier spotted by the predators.

Fortunately for Manukura—the first white kiwi bird ever hatched in captivity in the News Zealand Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Center—it’s not the issue. He became the celebrity at the exact moment of his birth. The rare color give him the kings privileges. Even his name—Manukura—means “chief” in the language of New Zealand aboriginal people. And there is no surprise—his cuteness is barely bearable:

White kiwi bird hatched in New Zealand Wildlife Center. Photo by Tourism New Zealand

Interesting fact about kiwi birds: Did you know that the kiwi birds are among the most long living birds (and animals in general) on the planet Earth? The life expectancy of the average kiwi is in 50—60 years range. Almost the same as of the average human living in the third world country. Online
in biology, ornithology, or zoology can offer you more
interesting facts about kiwi birds.

New Zealand Wildlife Center employee holds newly born rare white kiwi bird. Photo by Tourism New Zealand

Via Perth Now, pictures © Tourism New Zealand

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  1. He created all creaters great and and they all for a sole purpose and that is to be lovely cute and something even makes men say oh it is so cute love y’all and may all be blessed

  2. that is a really weird bird it has long beck
    why is his beck so long?
    why is it called the white kiwi bird?

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