World of Warcraft cakes

What could be better than the World of Warcraft? The cake! But not your common boring cake but the World of Warcraft themed one. Fortunately, the universe built by Blizzard is so vast and filled with eye-catching landmarks, historical events and interesting characters, that it endlessly fuels imagination of millions of people. And here is the example: the ultimate collection of the World of Warcraft cakes.

1. Murloc cake

2. Alliance crest cake

3. Horde shield cake

4. Horde wedding cake. Photo by Ravetta Photography, Inc.

5. World of Warcraft stein wedding cake

6. Dwarf hunter birthday cake

7. World of Warcraft birthday cake

8. Horde cake and cupcakes

9. Alliance cake

10. Epic Birthday Cake

11. Night Elf cake

12. Moonkin druid cake

13. World of Warcraft wedding cakes

14. Homemade Alliance lion banner cake

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