Zorse – Zebra and Horse Cross Breed

Yes it is real. The zebra and horse cross breed is very common in parts of Africa where zebras are more resistant to diseases and horses are not. By crossing zebras with horses it makes for a healthier hybrid. Such hybrids are commonly called zorse. Zebras crossed with ponies are commonly called zonies. Temperament of the hybrid cross is more like the horse than the zebra. Most resulting offspring of the zebra and horse matings are sterile with the occasional fertile animal resulting. This type of cross breeding of the horse with the zebra has been going on for at least 150 years now.

Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid

Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid

Another fascination fact about zebras? There is albino zebra! Though, they are very rare.

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  1. The first animal, that white and zebra strips, is not a hybrid between horse and zebra. It is a curious example of somatic mutation: some parts of the body are albine, others are normal. During the development of the zebra, a mutation ocurred in a cell, and all the tissues derived from those cell are abine (not colored).

    I find not suprising hybrid between zebra and horses or donkeys, it is possible to obtaing hybrids from very ralated animals. Mules are also hybrid of that time.

    1. The first IS a hybrid, not a funky albino. It is out of a pinto. You will notice or does not have zebra ears, mane or tail. It is a youngster so it’s hair is not fully grown out yet, but it is already different than zebra

  2. I can’t believe that is real.I have been studying it for days now.It is so cool.I didn’t belive that two different kinds of animals could make one animal until I saw a picture of a zorse.I thought that someone just painted the horse to make it look half zebra half horse -also called a zorse-until I studied it for a couple of weeks or so.My cousin found a zorse the other day.We named it stripes.It can run so fast. zorses are so cool that they are probably my favorite animal in the whole universe.

  3. Contrary to popular believe, the zorse in the above photo is a real animal. She is a hybrid, the cross of a tobiano pinto horse and a zebra. Albinism in the truest sense does not occur in the horse. Pinto patterns can be argued to be a form of albinism, as they block pigment migration, but it is due to the genes that control the pinto pattern, not due to a genetic mistake in a pure-bred zebra. Pinto-patterned and even appaloosa patterned zorses do exist. Zorses have been deliberately bred for well over 200 years, they are not new.

    Leah Patton, Office manager, ADMS

    1. Actually I have seen one albino horse pink eyes and all he was never allowed outside during the day for fear of him burning

  4. I love Zebras and horses :D
    It’s a mix (:
    That’s amazing and cool.

    I never knew those even existed??

  5. Eclyse (the pinto at the top) is certainly a hybrid: no zebra has a mane and tail like that. Lovely. Does anyone know where i can find pics & info on Appaloosa/zebra hybrids? Can’t find any using “zebra/appaloosa” as search engine. For the non-horsemen: Appaloosas come in a variety of spotted/snowflaked/marbled patterns (as do Knabstruppers and a few other breeds); the most memorable are the leopard pattern (like a Dalmatian dog) and the blanket-hipped (solid or splotched color with a white blanket over the hips, egg-spots on blanket).

  6. Beautiful! I stumbled on to this and was quite surprized. They are very beautiful. I have a Friend in collage to become a vet Specializing in Horses . She will love this. Thank you

  7. wow these pics are awesome i love them they r so cute me and my freind love them u should see ligers they r so amazing they r half loin half tiger!!!!!! u should see it for ur self look up pictures of ligers at google.com

  8. i love those pics and the baby is soooo cute i love horses and so does my friend u should serch liger pictures they look so amazing.

  9. I looked this up because I saw a zorse in a movie. I always thought a zebra was 2 wild and could not be tamed, or thats what I always heard. That is truly remarkable I want a zorse now..LOL

  10. I think the “ZORSE” is the most beautiful creature GOD has made. He definately got creative when he created these beauties… same with the “LIGER” i love them both, but i wish i owned a “ZORSE” WOW!!!!!!!!!! WHAT BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i am doin a science project on Zorse’s lifecycleit’s soooo hard but some people just paint their horses with stripes just for the fame

    do Zorses live about the same amount of times as horses

  12. I Think Just The Fact That A Zebra And A Horse Can Breed Is Amazing. The Colors They Come Out To Be Are Just So Pretty. I Love Breeds!!

  13. Okay we love Zonkeys, Zorses, and Zonys. But seriously people, they have stripEs, not stips…
    Thanks y’all

  14. This is so awsome wish I had all animals in the world!!!
    P.S. Not the ones that will hurt or kill me..:P

  15. I think they are awsome. I wish I had one because I love horses. I never seen one of those horses. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I love horses and the Zorse’s are.. well sweet but it love the stripes Zorse that is still white.. I even have it on my back ground on my laptop!!!

  17. this is unbelivable, im black and my traditional name is Pitsi, meaning Zebra, but right now i don’t know who or what to call myself !!!!
    im studying agriculture and to be honest i think i still have more to learn

  18. i love zorses and i have now got two in a stable near by my house. i hope you can put some more inspiring photos on your website soon. if you do i shall write to you again, next time i shall write more as i am now in a hurry to get to my zorses, they are very hungrey.

  19. I think that is the coolest thing i’ve ever saw. IT IS COOL!!!. oh and post more pictures. My mom would be so fasinated. By by.

  20. OMGOSH~ they are so cute! I stumbled across this accidently, Im so glad I did..this is AMAZING! Now me and my lil girl are gonna look up Ligers.

    Thanks you guys :)

  21. Zebra’s are NOT fun animals to ride for their temperment as well as their confirmation (On good authority from an old Texas cowboy who used to ride them, in retrospect, he’s not sure why). The Zorses shown seem to have similar builds to the zebra so I can’t imagine they are very comfortable to ride even if they aren’t as “opinionated” (aka hard headed) as zebra’s, but other than pasture ornaments (a potentially excellent occupation for an equine) what do you DO with one?

  22. WOW i have been with horses my entire life and never heard of a zorse or a zonie amazing i cant believe my eyes lol

  23. These creatures are very beautiful but I think the most amazing animal I saw when I lived in S.Africa is the African Pygmy camel, both of my children kept one as a pet, they are lovely affectionate little things. The tiny camels are cute too. It broke the childrens hearts when we came back to the UK.

  24. While the creatures in the pictures of more than beautiful, God never meant for a Zebra and a horse to breed and make a subspecies! If he had he would have put them together in the wild, but that’s not the case now is it! No, you have to MAKE them mate, I am more than sure this is a long hard thing to accomplish as it it just isn’t the natural order of things!! I hope you enjoy playing God and forcing two creatures who would never ever mate together, together!!!

  25. The pinto Zorse in the first picture is just amazing example of a hybrid cross! She is owned by a Zoo in Germany. Some of the above Zorses are out of different types of Zebras, as you notice there are some differences in the striping . The last pic is a Grevy Zebra with a Belgain draft cross, she is the worlds largest Zorse. Zorses are Real, but of course extremely rare and hard to breed for.. These crosses have been around for a long time, they were first bred as horses were dying off of diseases and Zebras were not in Africa, they starting crossing them for a breed that is more resistant to disease. And it worked. Zorses are very hardy Animals. They are kind of like Mules.. You can also cross Zebras with Donkeys to get a Zonkey. I am a Zorse and Zonkey breeder. I also have a Zebra Stallion at stud. RarityAcres@aol.com

  26. I looooooooooove Tiegers!
    Me and Sophia White think Zorses looks like…….
    Tiegers and horses mixed together!

  27. I preffer how they look in thier natural form. These look more like donkeys than a horse or a zebra. There is nothing more beautifull that a purebred Arabian Stalion.

  28. They are so cool my mom and dad said I might be able to adopt one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. A zebroid (also zedonk, zebra mule, and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a zebra hybrid. In most cases, the sire is a zebra stallion. Offspring of a donkey sire and zebra dam, called a zebra hinny, or donkra, do exist but are rare. Zebroids have been bred since the 19th century. The extinct quagga was also crossed with horses and donkeys. Charles Darwin noted several zebra hybrids in his works.Today, various zebroids are bred as riding and draft animals, and as curiosities in circuses and smaller zoos. Zorses are bred in Africa and used for trekking on Mount Kenya;[8] the zebra parent gives resistance to the nagana pest disease. A zorse (more accurately a zony) was born at Eden Ostrich World, Cumbria, England in 2001 after a zebra was left in a field with a Shetland pony. It was referred to as a Zetland. Usually, a zebra stallion is paired with a horse mare or ass mare, but in 2005, a Burchell’s zebra named Allison produced a zonkey called Alex sired by a donkey at Highland plantation in the parish of Saint Thomas, Barbados. Alex, born 21 April 2005, is apparently the first zonkey in Barbados.[9] In 2007, a stallion, Ulysses, and a zebra mare, Eclipse, produced a zebroid named Eclyse, displaying an unusually patchy color coating.[10][11] The Wild Animal Safari in Springfield, MO, and its sister location in Pine Mountain, GA has several zedonks as of March 31, 2010.[citation needed] In July 2010, a zedonk was born at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega, Georgia.[12] Another zebra–donkey hybrid, like the Barbados zonkey sired by a donkey, was born July 3, 2011 in Haicang Safari Park, Haicang, Xiamen, China

  30. Just a tiny lil note…the Pinto is no longer a breed. It was outcrossed to Warmbloods so often, that it is no longer a breed, but a color. I did read up on this stripe/pinto Zorse hyrid, and the mother was a tobiano Paint, not a Pinto. If it was documented as a Pinto, it would have to have been a something or other and Pinto. IE, Pinto Tennessee Walker, Pinto Warmblood, etc:)

  31. I love it!!! I have always wanted one of my own. an it seems that I can know, Finally!!!! yeah!!!! O.K. I hear you have a zebra stud. I would like to bred my buckskin mare. Please contact me E-mail. Brushyhollowtrails@gmail.com. Thank you, Trail Boss. the zorses are just beautiful.

  32. omg that is so cute at first i thought it was fake but then i saw it and nahh its real :D so adorable!! <3

  33. I am so in awe of the cross breeding with zebras and horses and I would love to be around them on a daily basis. I started riding English at age 5 and fell so in love with horses, I wanted to grow up and be a horse. That was 65 years ago. If you need any volunteer help, I would love to offer my innate skills and TLC. Carol

  34. Shuter and Shooter Publishers would like permission to use the first picture listed – of a hinny ‘zorse’ – in a new textbook for Grade 12 Agricultural Sciences students in South Africa

  35. I have a minister friend who is from the Ukraine. He told me that many years ago he read a Russian scientific paper about experiments that were done in the cross breeding of horses and Zebras. He told me that the paper said that after many attempts to cross the breeds, there was no conception made. They finally gave up on the possibility of cross breeding the horse and the zebra. Then, one of the mares (after several months) who had been in the breeding program accidentally got in with a horse stallion and conceived a foal. When after the proper gestation period, the foal was born, it looked like a Zorse. So, they realized that somehow the genes of the Zebra had remained with the mare. Does anyone know anything about this. And can this phenomena happen with humans and previous partners?

    1. No. It never happened neither with horses, zebras, and other animals, nor did it ever happened among humans. There is no way genes of the previous partner could affect fertilization that is going on months after. There is no vessel to store these genes in the mother’s body. The whole immune system actually evolved to prevent it every way possible, among other things.

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