Ceramic Sculptures by Matthew Chambers


If you watch these strange ceramic objects for a long time what will you see?? Each of us will see something interesting and unique in these photos. It can be ocean waves, bowls of pasta or even portals into other dimensions. All these things are possible reactions to hand-made ceramic sculptures that contain lots of thin layers.

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Original ideas for Christmas Tree


Before every Christmas many people think about whether to buy alive tree?
We can offer you 5 original ideas for Christmas tree which allows you to create a holiday atmosphere. Such Christmas’s symbol can be hung on the wall, bookcase or above the table. And it will be very amazing and comfortable.

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Albino dogs

real albino dog

Despite the fact that albinism is equally rare among all vertebrates from humans to fish and birds, the real albino dogs are even rarer due to two reasons. The first reason is that the most “albino” dogs pictures on the internet depicting pretty normal dogs with white fur. The second one — it’s a bit hard to figure out if your dog is real albino.

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