Amazing Subway Stations

In the modern metropolis subway is the most popular mode of transportation. Sometimes the architects of the subway stations manage to turn quite ordinary public space into a work of art. Such structures instantly become the tourists attractions. They make otherwise ordinary metro ride to be a real tour.

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The beautiful India

Mysterious and wise India isn’t only a rest on the beaches of Goa and Kerala. There are soaring Himalayas, deserts, waterfalls, lakes, majestic Ganges, millennia-old buildings, temples, lonely but ancient caves and much more interesting things.

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Google fails

Google provides us with a great opportunity to find any interesting information. And also it tries to guess our thoughts. When you type any word, Google will show you the most common views of other users. But that doesn’t mean it always gets it right. Sometimes it attempts to help us become very stupid and ridiculous.

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