Canon G9 and A650IS digicams

Recent Canon’s announcements brought two jewels to the digicam market. I’m talking not about 40D or 1DsMIII – the former costs a little less than $2G and the latter a little less than $10G not counting high-quality (and though very expensive) lenses that you’ll need to unlock potential of these cameras. I’m talking about smaller and much more cheaper G9 and A650IS Powershot digicams.

Canon G9 and Canon A650IS digital cameras
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Physics Vs. Hollywood

Perhaps you may know about some Hollywood’s movies originated myths that have been laughed already. Two physics professors from the Department of Physics at the Univercity of Central Florida, C.J. Efthimiou and R.A. Llewellyn have described why some tricks and computer generated special effects in the movies are impossible in real life.

The bus in Speed was not able to jump over the gap

The bus driven by Sandra Bullock in the movie Speed was not able to flew over the gap in the bridge just because the bridge is absolutely flat, parallel to the horizon. The initial velocity of the bus hasn’t any tilt to jump over the gap.

In the Aeon Flux main character’s ability to avoid certain death by hanging with the only feet on the bricks in extremely uncomfortable position above the deadly blades that are sticking out of the lawn is impossible because of the forward momentum that Aeon Flax has received falling towards the lawn will undoubtedly move her further to meet the blades.

C.J. Efthimiou and R.A. Llewellyn are also talking about Superman’s ability to turn the time (and direction in which the Earth rotates) backward, About Riddick’s ability to survive 700F environment and how much energy was consumed by Magneto in X-Men: The Last Stand to move the Golden Gate Bridge.

What’s your first shot with the new camera?

Most of the digital cameras have similar internal file naming pattern. something like this: DSC#####.JPG. So it’s easy to figure out that the file named DSC00001.JPG is the very first shot taken with a new camera.

A lot of people are uploading their photos online without any postprocessing, they aren’t renaming the files most of the time. It’s could be interesting to look what the people shoot first of all.

What’s the surprise! The first four results that Google Image Search gave to me were… hmmm… look at the screenshot:

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Atomic Tanks Review

Continue talking about small casual games… Atanks or Atomic Tanks is remake of good old Scorched Earth (or simply Tanks) PC game from the early 80’s. Its gameplay and graphics doesn’t changed from these days. You just have more than 16 colors now and a little different, nicer look of units and weapons.

Atomic Tanks: Armageddon is coming

Deadly Armageddon is coming.

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Plasma Pong

Perhaps, you used to be playing any variation of computer ping-pong game. There were (and actually, there are) plenty of them, for any kind of platforms from big Unix machines to first personal Sinclair-like computers and ancient gaming consoles. Perhaps, you are even have some kind of ping-pong on your current mobile phone or hand-held PC. But the game I want to introduce you, being quite similar to good old ping-pong’s of the late 70’s, is still have it’s own smell – the smell of the fluid dynamics.

Plasma Pong
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