Zorse – Zebra and Horse Cross Breed

Yes it is real. The zebra and horse cross breed is very common in parts of Africa where zebras are more resistant to diseases and horses are not. By crossing zebras with horses it makes for a healthier hybrid. Such hybrids are commonly called zorse. Zebras crossed with ponies are commonly called zonies. Temperament of the hybrid cross is more like the horse than the zebra. Most resulting offspring of the zebra and horse matings are sterile with the occasional fertile animal resulting. This type of cross breeding of the horse with the zebra has been going on for at least 150 years now.

Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
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Giant Van Gogh in Goodland, Kansas

There is a small town in Kansas – Goodland – surrounded by sunflowers fields and cut apart by I-70 highway. It is a typical Kansas town with one giant difference. It has Van Gogh. Though just a reproduction but the huge one.

Giant Van Gogh in Goodland, Kansas

A 24 by 32 foot reproduction of Van Gogh’s “3 Sunflowers In A Vase” on a 80 foot steel easel is created by Cameron Cross in 2001 as a part of The Big Easel Project. Here you can find more information about it.

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Pat Says Now Mice

Swiss luxury computer peripherals manufacturer with a fancy name – Pat Says Now – has announced a new line of computer mice decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals, diamonds and white gold. The cheapest one will cost you “just” US$200. But the diamond and white gold version will be hellish US$30,000.

Pat Says Now Glamrock luxury mouse
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