Pagan Baseball Bat

Baseball bats are illegal in Russia, as they are considered to be a ‘cold weapon’. So the Russian craftsmen are carving Slavic pagan gods on the bats to keep the police eyes away. It makes bat not the bat but the religious symbol. Of course, you can’t play baseball with such bat, but nobody cares, because nobody play baseball in Russia anyway. Baseball bats are just considered to be a ‘cold weapon’ there.

Pagan baseball bat
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Magic Tap Fountains

Yes. I spelled the title right. You probably saw one of these fountains like floating in the midair water taps cut off the pipe. Did you know that such magic tap fountain (whichever one of them) is not unique? There are three such awesome fountains on our planet. Here you can see all three magic taps:

Magic tap fountain in Cadiz Spain

This is most popular one – The Magic Tap Fountain of Aqualand Bahia de Cadiz in Spain. The two more:

Magic tap fountain in Santa Galdana, Menorca

Magic tap fountain in Santa Galdana, Menorca.

Magic tap fountain in the town of Ypres, Belgium

Magic tap fountain in the town of Ypres, Belgium. Photo by Florian [L]

Foam River

River in foam

Yesterday, somebody spilled some foaming agent into the tiny river in the center of Moscow, Russia. Even such a small amount of surfactant (the one commonly used by the fire brigades) was enough to cover almost all the river with thick white foam. Autumn winds teared foam away and in a several minutes the banks of the river was covered with large chunks of foam. More photos below:

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Mazda RX8 In The Drugstore

Mazda RX8 in the drugstore

A girl drove (or better to say, flew) her Mazda RX8 into the drugstore in the center of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. She was so precise that she made her way through the window just a few inches wider than RX8, three feet above the ground. Fortunately, no one inside the drugstore injured. More pics below:

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Office Space in China

Office in China

This is not an office scene after a massive fire. This is usual office space in an average plastic computer parts thermoforming facility somewhere in China. The work is hot and heavy here.

Office in China