Frost and water

Like fire and furniture, like wind and hairdos, water and frost don’t do really well together. It’s ok when the water is a part of you ice-cream cone and the frost in on the short leash of you fellow refrigerator, but when the water is all over you valuable possessions of even some real estate and there are freezing temperatures outside—it’s a total disaster.

However, the gurus of self-help are teaching us to see the bright sides in everything that’s happening with us through our thorny and troubled lives.

These picturesque icicles were the byproduct of the water-pipe burst on the side of the St Mary le Park Court apartment block in the downtown London.

1. Ice-clad tree. Photos by Fergus Jackson,

2. Ice-clad tree. Photos by Fergus Jackson,

3. Ice-clad tree. Photos by Fergus Jackson,

4. Ice-clad bushes. Photos by Fergus Jackson,

And the bigger the pipe—the bigger the fun (not for the pipe service team, of course). Here’s what happened in the Belle Isle Park on the bank of the Detroit River several years ago.

5. Belle Isle Park water-pipe burst. Photo by Eric Rabior (

6. Belle Isle Park water-pipe burst (with a man in front of it for size comparison purposes). Photo by Eric Rabior (

The result of the controlled water main leak in the Duluth MN. It happens there every winter.

7. Ice mountain in Duluth, MN. Photo by Don Lepper

8. Another view on the ice mountain in Duluth, MN. Photo by Don Lepper

Sometimes the ice can broke the trees almost to the ground.

9. Trees broken by ice. Photo by Danielle Rubi

10. Exploded water tower froze during the harsh Russian winter

Project Habitat by Xavier Delory

Belgian visual artist Xavier Delory has noticed the very unnatural way the modern suburbia invades the surroundings of the European and US cities. Limited number of the suburban housing designs that have been planted into the landscapes without any second thought makes modern countryside look stereotypically all the same everywhere.

An image from the Habitat cycle by Xavier Delory

In his graphic project “Habitat” Xavier Delory pushes this type of suburban architecture to the limit.

An image from the Habitat cycle by Xavier Delory

An image from the Habitat cycle by Xavier Delory

You can find the whole “Habitat” cycle on the Xavier’s Flickr page.

Closed staircase in Canada

When the bureaucracy wins and the letter of the law (willful negligence in this case) overcomes the spirit of the law stupid and quite funny things happen. Like in this case which is taking place right now somewhere in Canada. Probably, the owners of this place have been sued for willful negligence by someone who felt on this three steps despite the presence of the two sturdy railings.

Staircase closed for winter. We apologize for inconvenience. Reopen on or around April 13 2012

Closed staircase in Canada

It would be great if the residents of that area would celebrate The Staircase Reopening on April 13 with the huge party. Because when you will push stupidity to the limit it will become obvious.