World of Wanderlust

If art didn’t exist, the World would be a very boring and monotone place to live in. I’m sure you’ll all agree with us on this one, especially artists who are a part of making this planet a better and more beautiful place.
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A royal baby girl is born

British Prince William and his wife Catherine Duchess of Cambridge had a daughter. This was reported by the official residence of the couple on Twitter. The girl weighing 3.7 kilograms was born on the morning of May 2nd, at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. The palace said that the father was present at during birth.

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Modern Mowgli

She was born in Africa in a family of French photographers. Her name is Tippi Degré (Tippi Degre), and she had a very unusual childhood. She grew up in the African desert, among the wild animals, which eventually became her friends.

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