Ceramic Sculptures by Matthew Chambers


If you watch these strange ceramic objects for a long time what will you see?? Each of us will see something interesting and unique in these photos. It can be ocean waves, bowls of pasta or even portals into other dimensions. All these things are possible reactions to hand-made ceramic sculptures that contain lots of thin layers.

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Original ideas for Christmas Tree


Before every Christmas many people think about whether to buy alive tree?
We can offer you 5 original ideas for Christmas tree which allows you to create a holiday atmosphere. Such Christmas’s symbol can be hung on the wall, bookcase or above the table. And it will be very amazing and comfortable.

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Halloween Lunches

Halloween bento.

Every holiday deserves its festive dinner. Though, the Halloween is a bit special here. It is not being celebrated siting by the table, but rather outdoors. It could be a healthiest of holidays if not for the tonnes of candies — the common Halloween holiday dinner looks like the cartloads of M&Ms and Hershey’s. If you take this fact into account, this is quite obvious idea to spread the Halloween festivities onto the lunch.

Jack Skellington and Salmon LunchBots Halloween Bento
1. Jack Skellington and Salmon LunchBots Halloween Bento by Sheri Miya.
Eye pasta by Chicache.
2. Eye pasta by Chicache.
A "gross" Halloween lunch by Sarah Moore.
3. A "gross" Halloween lunch by Sarah Moore.
Skeleton salad
4. Skeleton salad. Photo by College of William & Mary Law Library.
Mummy dogs
5. Mummy dogs by Jenn Worden.
Halloween bento.
6. Halloween bento.
Halloween school lunch
7. Halloween school lunch by Alyson Hannigan.
Halloween dish.
8. Halloween dish.

Best Halloween Costumes 2013

12. Bob Ross costume for two

Here we are again. Halloween is almost over and its time to look at it from a distance. What was great this year? Practically, the same stuff as the year before: the movies stuff, the cartoons stuff, and some assorted stuff. The Che Guevara T-shirt is my favourite — cool idea, near perfect realisation, and really clever pun. Though the two girls reenacting Bob Ross show are great too.

1. Toy Soldiers costumes for two 2. Another couple: Gadget and Monty 3. Ursula from the Disney's Little Mermaid 4. Randy Marsh from South Park 5. Jay and Silent Bob, standing by the liquor store 6. Do you remember those spooky girls from The Shining? 7. As seen on TV 8. KoolAid man 9. Che Guevara T-shirt man 10. Ronald MacJocker 11. Harry and Marv from the Home Alone 12. Bob Ross costume for two

Best Pumpkin Carvings 2013

1. Braces pumpkin

Oh, October. Every single year this time the porches and driveways of America become the dwelling of the strange orange creatures. The pumpkins are claiming this land. Big and small, the ones with the lit candles inside, and ones with the LED lighting, carved with as much skill their owner can muster. And those skills are quite mad:

1. Braces pumpkin 2. Minion-o-lantern by Stan5 3. Local pumpkin carving contest winners 4. Kitti pumpkin 5. Halloween met Easter pumpkin 6. Bane pumpkin 7. Yoda pumpkin 8. Star Trek met Star Wars pumpkin 9 Breaking Bad pumpkin by uncleric0 10 Carl Sagan pumpkin