Hold your breath!

For many of us flowers represent something pure, beautiful and attractive. They can have different shapes, colors , smells and it is usual for us to use them in different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.

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Mount Fuji

Depicted on the thousands and thousands of artworks, Mount Fuji is probably the most widely recognisable symbol of Japan. It is absolutely ubiquitous: it is in the classic Japanese poetry and on the logos of the high-tech companies, on the ancient woodblock prints and on the modern photographs. There is probably no man on Earth who haven't seen the iconic perfectly shaped cone of the dormant volcano at least once in his life.

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Cute ferrets

Did you know that in the European Union the ferrets, cats and dogs are the only pets legitimate to get the all-european pet passport? When a European pet ferret owner is going to visit neighbouring country he should check in with his local veterinarian to make all the mandatory vaccinations for his pet and get pet’s papers.

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